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■Street legal GoKart tour!

-one of world' biggest city Tokyo. Driven the Tokyo with world' smallest 4wheel vehicle! it should be one of best memory on your trip and your life!

  • -You need a drivers license issueed by Japan,Switzeland,Germany,France,Taiwan,Belgium,Slovenia or Monaco with japanese translation.
  • -Need your signature on our terms of service.
  • If your drivers license are not issueed by japan or ↑ those country, you need a International driving Permit based on 1949 Geneva convention.
  • Sure you can drive SOFA Driving license for US forces japan.
how to ride
■Street legal Kart?!

Automatic operation is easy!
-easy drive! gas,break and turn signal!
-our staff going to tell you how to operate this vehicle before the tour.

■Is this really legal?

-This vehicle takes license plate by local government!
-This vehicle has side mirror, turn signal, deffarential gear, revers gear(Ive never had chance to use...)!


Tokyo Tower COURSE
Shibuya COURSE
Course A - Normal course
・shibuya course

At This course A 2hours,
We will drive around the center of Tokyo. When we stop at the signal, people at the crosswalks will pause to take pictures
and people waved. Many customers say "It felt like we were celebrities".
Please check the Cource MAP.You can go to Tokyo Tower, Roppongi, and Shibuya.
** Happiness Delivery Offer: Just promise to talk about your trip, what you see, what you feel,
what you think to those who are precious to you. We think this is Happiness Delivery.


Happiness Delivery Offer


Course B -Beginner!s course
・Tokyo tower

At this course B ,
Leave the Garage and break in to the Tokyo Tower,
Gentrly drive running Roppongi, Hiroo from small break.

this course is for trial beginner's course.


Happiness Delivery Offer


  • ・Cart
  • ・Costume
  • ・Tour guide
  • ・Insurance fee

* If you are unsuccessful, please make a reservation from here.
* Booking in cooperation with FaceBook currently does not function.
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Course C - Hard course

At This course C 2hours,
At This course C,
We will drive around the bay side of Tokyo.
Beautiful sight and hi-speed driving through Rainbow bridge.
Many customers say "the highest so far".
Please check the Cource MAP.

You can go to Rainbow Bridge, Odaiba, Tokyo Tower and Roppongi

* many experience of driving (at least 1 year and more) may be needed .

** Happiness Delivery Offer: Just promise to talk about your trip,
what you see, what you feel, what you think to those who are precious to you. We think this is Happiness Delivery.


Happiness Delivery Offer


  • ・Cart
  • ・Costume
  • ・Tour guide
  • ・Insurance fee


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Felicity Tennant

Me and my friends absolutely loved this experience. We had a great time and even though we had to deal with some rain it was still totally worth it. I am going to recommend this to everyone i know. And i am definitely going to do it again when i come back to japan. Thank you so much guys ?

Janneke Van

This was such an amazing thing to do in Tokyo!
We had a great drive to Odaiba (Rainbow Bridge, very very very very awesome!!!) and more! Our guide was really good, he stopped at the big highlights and took pictures of us all.
The staff in the garage was also very friendly, laid back and we had a great time with laughter!
We will definately come to drive again when we are back in Tokyo in a few years!

Rene Luna Fyzical Tallahassee

I had a blast. I cannot believe I can explore Tokyo for a couple of hours. It was such an awesome experience. I would definitely tell my friends about it coz it is a ride not to be missed when visiting Tokyo. The staff are great and they made you feel safe navigating around the city. Thank you Kaz for you and your staff great service


One of our best days in Tokyo! I didnt want the tour to end! If this tour is not on your list it should be!! The staff in Roppongi were amazing too :)

Mai Mai

The best experience to explore Tokyo! Sadly we booked only one hour but next time we will do 2 to 3 hours. Best time is to go by night when there is less traffic and the Tokyo Tower is light up. I love the Yoshi Costume but the wind blew the head away :( No matter what I had fun

3-8-7 Shirokane minatoku tokyo. New shop is opened!
nearest station is Shirokane Takanawa on NanbokuLine or Mita Line. or Azabujuban station or Hiroo Station

Route to Shop Day
Route to Shop Night